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#10 TSS --- Anyone experimented with it?


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Jun 12, 2002
Knoxville-Dover-Union City, TN
No, but I have drooled over a couple CZ Readhead 28g over unders rigged for turkeys. Not a great beginner/youth option, but I really want one.
I have a 20ga Winchester 101 O/U set up for turkey with rifle sights (not optical).
It's fairly lightweight, easy to carry, but my Weatherby 20ga autoloader is lighter and still has less felt recoil.

Based on my experiences with the O/U, for turkey, I prefer a side-by-side instead, but an autoloader tops both. From a turkey's view, the O/U's barrels are twice as large, and more likely to be seen when you move.

Until only a little over a decade ago, my "go-to" turkey gun was a 12 ga side-by-side, and there is some appeal to having two different chokes & loads available simultaneously. But good luck at getting both barrels to have the same POI.

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Sep 18, 2011
West TN
And to think, this whole forum board thought I was nuts when I started posting about tss 8s
I know I did. I’d never heard of such a thing until you posted some ridiculous pattern pic with a 20 ga and 9 shot. I remember thinking how stupid it would be to shoot at a turkey with 9 shot when I prefer 7.5s for doves.

Sometimes I’m wrong ☺️

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