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Thanks for your service.
My brother is USAFA Class of 1988.
My son is USAFA class of 2012.
Greg .
My Brother is Chris Ernandes, Cadet Squadron 36, Proud Pink Panthers, Physics. He flew C-141s out of Maguire and KC-135s out of Andrews. He made Lt. Col and is out now and flying 737s for American Airlines.

My son is a T-6 IP and Squadron Cmdr. at Columbus AFB, Mississippi.

I also have a nephew who is flying the B-1.
I looked your brother up in my yearbook ... his face is familiar, I'm sure we had some classes together, but I didn't know him personally. It's kind of funny, USAFA is a small school, but if you we're in the same squadron, major, club or team with someone you may never get to know them.

That's impressive about your son ... only 9 years is and already a squadron commander! He's burning it up.
Greg .
My brother said, "He’s in my yearbook but I didn’t know him."
Hello, I'm interested in the crossbow. Is the string on good shape? Does this model have the crank to cock it?