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Hello, my Name is Caleb Ayers, my Great Great Grandfather a on the USS Pelious in WWII. I was wondering if I could contact you for more information regarding your fathers history with the ship? Thank you!
Hey this is John Hancock,I boughta smokeless 4 years ago from you I think and Im wanting to buy one for my son this next year.Please keep me in mind if anything comes available. I want a light one with an awesome stock and awesome scope.Text me if you get an option.615 945 3343
Do you still have the 2 climbing stands for sale? Where are you located? My office is near the Airport and I'm interested in both.
I’m located in Maury co. I still have them.
Any chance you'll be around Nashville anytime soon? I'll take both if they are still available.
Don’t have any plans on getting up that way. Their pending but if they don’t sale I’ll let you know.