Herb Parsons Lake yesterday


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Aug 22, 2006
Bartlett, TN
My dad, brother, and I went to Herb Parsons Lake (a TWRA lake on the Shelby/Fayette county line just east of Memphis) yesterday.

The lake is known for having small crappie and an over-abundance of yellow bass (the ones with the dark stripes and the yellow tint to their scales).

We fished minnows and jigs in 2-7 feet of water for most of the afternoon. Since the water temperatures are in transition towards spawning, it was more difficult for us to lock onto the crappie. Other folks at the boat ramp did not have such difficulties (large stringers of small crappie), which highlights the fact that we didn't really know what we were doing. :)

We ended up boating about 40 fish between the three of us. I'd say that the numbers breakdown was about 30 yellow bass, 7 crappie, and 3 little largemouth.

After using a slower retrieve to target crappie, we found that chartreuse grubs and a faster retrieve fairly close to the bank would work well with the yellow bass, and we were happy to be catching something. We tried two drifts across schools of fish suspended in open water at about 6' deep, but had zero success there.

Crappie limits on the lake are 30 fish with a minimum length of only 8", which meant that we had some keeper fish in the bunch. The yellow bass also run small for the most part, but we did manage to catch some of those that were big enough for our very low standards (Hah!).

Kept 17 fish in all, but my dad should have thrown a few of those little yellow bass back due to size ;)

2 keeper fish caught on minnows, the rest were on jigs. If my dad remembered to take a picture of the fish, I'll follow up with a post of it later on. He took the day off to go fish Glen Springs Lake to add more fish to the pile.

We didn't catch any big ones, but it sure beats yard work!