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Sold/Expired Henderson County (Lexington)


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Jun 9, 2008
Munford, TN
I have one opening for the upcoming deer season on 416 acres near Lexington. This is a really nice property with 2 ponds to fish, a good network of roads, a gravel area to park a camper, a creek running through the property, some hardwoods, some pines, some cutover, and some thick stuff. There is a max of 6 members. It is a family friendly club so you can bring your wife, son, or daughter. Your membership gets you all the deer, small game, and predator hunting you want, as well as fishing and camping. Turkey hunting is not included and the property is closed for the month of April. The property is loaded with deer. The buck rule is if it's a trophy to you, shoot it. We typically shoot does for meat and let the spikes, fork horns, and basket racks walk, but I don't define what is a trophy for someone else. Kids can shoot whatever they want. I have a few stands in place anyone can hunt and you are welcome to put up all the stands you want. We do share stands, but you always have first priority on your stands. This place gets very little pressure. We have a great bunch of guys and have never had any issues. The club year runs from June 1 to May 31 and money is due by May 15. The price is $800 a year.


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