Max's 1st coyote...


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Feb 28, 2010
Went hunting with a buddy of mine in McMinnville. He's been using dogs for a few years now, and I've been trying to get into it myself for 6 months or so.. (ever since I went with him the 1st time) I've been using Max for squirrels, and skunks.. ??? another story hiding there. lol Anyway, I went with Hunter, meet up and hunted about all day. Not sure but I'd guess around 1 or 2 we finally made a stand and called a young male in. Called in with one of the open reed calls I make. I personally don't think we can let the dogs decoy quite like they do out west so when I saw him, he was sitting at the woods edge about 130-140 yds out, sitting there watching the dogs. I went ahead and gave the trigger a squeeze. I heard the thump, and headed up trying to get Max on him before he was "spent". Hunters dog has several coyote's under his belt and after the shot headed straight to him. (not sure if he yepped or how Rutley knew where he was) but he put an end to his suffering pretty quick and Max jumped in. I was pretty proud of the way he jumped in on his 1st coyote. Looking forward to seeing how he progresses in the coyote hunting.


The coyote was already dead here, Max is on the left and Rutley (the "Beast" lol) on the right.


Visit my predator hunting forum at: The gun I used is a Remington 700 LVSF put on a CDL stock in .223 (handloaded with 50 gr Noslers) The coyote weighed in at 36 lbs.