Cat KIller Number Three Down


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Nov 10, 2011
Knoxville, TN
The last few weeks I've captured several images of coyotes invading the neighborhood again. Prior to the I was getting lots of cats, possums, skunks, and racoons on the camera. Then it just dried up. Enter the evidence:


That is just one of a few dozen coyote sightings on the property behind my house.

The last few days they became even more brazen showing up in the early morning just at light. It was as if their patrol was over and they were heading back to their den. So I set up my motion alarm right along the game trail the runs behind my house. Sure enough right before the kiddos had to go to school this morning it goes off-constantly.

With my MS sometimes I have to get up and sleep in another bedroom. I just get in so much pain sleeping in one position that I can't stand it. My son, BOTH dogs and my wife had crowded me out of bed so I was in my son's room when the alarm went off.

I immediately went to my room and loaded up about 6 bullets in my Marlin Model 60 .22 LR. I'm shooting "mystery ammo"; couldn't even tell you the brand, but I know I can put every bullet in a quarter at 50 yards. It also has a "mystery" scope on it. It was the one that came with my HandiRifle. It is a 4 x 12 x 44 scope. I'd put it on after I bought the rifle from Redman figuring I would enjoy the extra magnification.

My wife (love her heart) bought us brand new replacement windows. They are SO quiet! I opened the window slowly and saw the coyote slinking along the trail. Well so did TOBY THE WONDER DOG! That little nut started howling and barking like crazy. You see he has chased coyotes out of the property before despite the fact he is about half their size. Well the coyote bolted into the brush. DARN! I grabbed the little nut job and put him in bed with my wife and told her to HOLD HIM!

Well I went to the bathroom figuring my opportunity was gone. Then I noticed movement again. Quickly I went into the bedroom and let the bolt go forward on the rifle. Then I charged it again placing a bullet in the chamber. It was kinda walking slow when I made a kissing sound. It stopped just for an instant and I shot. WHACK! The coyote went down without even a quiver! I applied Rule #2 just in case, but it was DRT!


How is that for shot placement?


Cat Killer Number 3 at room temperature.

I was going to skin it, but then noticed that it had mange on its tail. I'm going to take it head for a biology teacher I know and bury it somewhere away from any animals.


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Sep 8, 2008
Good shooting. We have the same problem at my house. Love shooting me a song dog!