Think my 6 yr old is hooked


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Oct 25, 2009
Lexington, Tn
My little boy killed his first two deer this fall and is having a fit to kill his first turkey. We have been a couple times but haven't been able to close the deal. This morning we got set up and had a bird gobbling across a field. I got a hen stirred up and she came across the field cutting. The whole time I could hear this bird on the other side tearing it up. Suddenly the hen took off in a sprint headed right toward the gobbling bird and I thought our hunt was over. About 5 minutes after she left the field I spot ol big boy coming out of the woods about 100 yards away. I tell my son there he is. He comes out strutting and gobbling then heads straight toward us stopping periodically to stut and gobble. I tried my best to keep my boy calm but he says daddy I can't stop shaking. Bird gets to 60 yards and hangs up like so many field turkeys do and the loud mouth hen comes running right back out to him. As we sat there and watched him do his thing I was thankful that my son got to witness a hard gobbling longbeard doing what we all love to see. I really wish he would have closed the distance but now that he has seen what Spring turkey hunting is all about, I do believe I have a turkey hunting partner for life.