Luckiest turkeys in Tennessee

Harold Money jr

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Sep 14, 2007
East Tennessee

To piggy back on my post last spring about the luckiest deer in Tennessee after I spotted a fawn in my hayfield mere inches from the mower blades. I was mowing off a weedy patch on my farm when literally inches from the blades a hen erupted flying off. I immediately stopped and checked where she had been fully expecting eggs, I saw these turkey chicks there's at least 8 here. I quickly shut the mower off and gave em a weed patch to do their thing in.
On a side note I've put cameras on my gates and a couple in the woods. I'm astonished at the sheer numbers of predators that are on my place. Coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, possums, and skunks. The only thing I don't have on camera is foxes. I'm hoping these can make it.

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