Kentucky HB417 - Full Crossbow Inclusion


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Jun 29, 2005
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[size]Kentucky HB417 - Full Crossbow Inclusion[/size]

Kentucky legislators have introduced a full crossbow inclusion bill. It is HB417.

In 2004 the KDF&WR paid $53,000 to Cornell University to conduct a survey of Kentucky hunters and landowners on their feelings on a full inclusion of crossbows in the archery season. 60% returned that they were in favor of allowing Kentucky hunters to have a choice of using a crossbows in the full archery season. Somehow that never happened and now it is 7 years later and more and more states are seeing the advantages of crossbows in game management, recruiting the youths and women and retaining older hunters. Extra dividends have come in the way of increased license sales.

Indiana, just completed their first crossbow season with stunning results. A record harvest with crossbows and a new total record harvest �and sales of license are up. It was a win-win as more hunters are getting on board..

The Crossbow inclusion choice for all Kentucky hunters and NR who want to crossbow hunt in Kentucky is bill HB417. Please leave a comment at �.

Also please contact the all members of the Committee on Natural Resources and Environment (H) at�

You may also call them. The members are:

Rep. Jim Gooch Jr. [Chair]
Rep. Tim Couch [Vice Chair]
Rep. Keith Hall [Vice Chair]
Rep. Fitz Steele [Vice Chair]
Rep. Jim Stewart III [Vice Chair]
Rep. Hubert Collins
Rep. Stan Lee
Rep. Reginald Meeks
Rep. Tim Moore
Rep. Marie Rader
Rep. John Short
Rep. Kevin Sinnette
Rep. John Will Stacy
Rep. Jill York

Do it today and thanks�

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