Any .220 Swift shooters out there?

Hunter 257W

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Oct 4, 2012
Franklin County
I have a Remington 700V 220 Swift. I spent a large amount of my adolescent days draming of owning a Swift but didn't get this rifle until I was in my late 20's. :) Dreams cost money! I always poo-pooed the stories about the Swift burning out barrels and being finicky to load for. I don't know about the barrel burning as I've not shot mine enough to say but it was a bit more finicky than I expected regarding working up an accurate load. For that reason, any load I'd give you that shoots well in my gun may be a real dog in your rifle. I did notice that cases tend to grow faster than say a 22-250 as predicted by gunwriters who blamed it on the sloped shoulder. For whatever it's worth, one of my rifles favorite loads is 43.0gr IMR4350 & 52 Speer HollowPt bullet. I got some tiny little groups at times with that one.

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