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Scrolling thru tndeer....OH DANG BUCK!


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Oct 30, 2015
Opening gun hunt. Had saved a stand all year on family land that I grew up hunting. I've killed lots of deer here, but never anything with much size( all you east tennessee hunters know what I'm talking about)... sun isn't even up over the horizon of the ridge behind me on a still, cool November morning in right in the heart of God's country. I had actually just read catman's thread and was sending him a message about UPS. I'm an electrical contractor and we service UPS facilities. Before I can get to the end of a 4-5 sentence message.. he walks out. 85-90 yards to my right. Down hill shot from my left shoulder and before I can even hit send on my TNdeer message ... buck down.. 9 point main frame with mass.. thanks tndeer for being with me in the woods and thank the Lord for being with me everywhere! Happy hunting everyone.


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