Just knew I was gonna connect


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Jul 3, 2011
Portland, TN
Went to my favorite spot. Didn't get as far down the tree line as I wanted before I spotted a loner. Ducked down got my decoys set up, got settled in, and a gobbler went off to my right. He ways a ways off but I answered.

We chatted and it seems he was agreeable to bringing a few of his lady friends over for a visit. I got a peek at him, looked like a 55 gallon drum...probably more like a 5 gallon bucket but you know how we hunters are. He even sent one if girls down to check out the competition. I was easing into position when she whirld around and went the other way. I know she didn't see me. Couldn't figure it. Then heard all of them taking flight 40 or 50 yards away.

Waited a little bit then heard voices. Another hunter busted my birds. Oh well. Maybe next time

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