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    LBL points

    Don’t believe anything you see on the website until you get an email. Seems there is a lot of testing going on.
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    Leftover Permits

    Very difficult to purchase. Not sure what is going on with the quota hunts but it is definitely not getting more user friendly. Used to be fun and exciting to apply but now it is a dreaded experience.
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    AEDC permit sale

    Trying to figure out how I missed it. Apparently it was Oct. 5th. Nothing on TWRA's news feed or the website at all. I have been checking for over a month. Wondering how the people that got one found out about it?
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    Why do people have to Litter?

    Hate to hear that. I was on the last quota hunt. I saw trail markers where I went in the woods. With the availability of the gps, you would think trail markers would be obsolete by now. No excuse for people leaving trash.
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    Headed to LBL...maybe

    When I checked mine in at about 1:30 saturday there were 7 bucks checked in.
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    Headed to LBL...maybe

    Thanks guys. I'm pretty dang happy with him.
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    Headed to LBL...maybe

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    Headed to LBL...maybe

    Got this one in the pouring rain saturday. He was chasing 2 does. I would not give up a gun hunt at LBL because of rain.
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    Personal best

    And you take a girth measurement. Lake Fork Taxidermy is doing it for me.
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    Personal best

    Thank you all. Been trying to catch a fish like this for a long time. Now I got the fever bad.
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    my partner kills em

    Very nice fish! Way to go
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    Personal best

    Thanks guys. She was measured and weighed then released. Going to have a replica done of her.
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    Personal best

    April 12, 2015 Chickamauga Lake 11 pounds
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    SCN Retirement & Birthday

    I honestly dont know how they will ever replace you Steve. Even though we never met in person, my son and I will never forget the help you gave us before a juvenile hunt at LBL. Thanks for caring enough to answer everyones questions on here and I hope that you will still visit the site. Now...