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    What would you of done?

    I wouldve had to get laid
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    Sawtooth Acorns

    Native nursery has great trees
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    Sawtooth Acorns

    Personally,Id get a pot and fill with good dirt then poke a bunch down about an inch and put them outside by the house,Cover somehow with a board to keep pests out.,then id put some in the fridge in the drawer with a paper towel with about 30 drops of water on it. Then in spring I would plant...
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    Hes the best
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    Im wanting to buy reloading equipment and I would love to come to your place and have you tutor me on reloading. Id pay pretty decent for the lessons.
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    Outdoor Channel tonight

    Capstick has several great books,I have all of them,my favorite is "the last ivory hunter".It will keep you thinking for a while.
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    The error in my ways...binoculars

    Where can I buy a decent harness?
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    Sold/Expired Delete

    Ive got one,what they worth to ya?
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    Anybody watching the news??

    Its not over.
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    Hey this is John Hancock,I boughta smokeless 4 years ago from you I think and Im wanting to buy...

    Hey this is John Hancock,I boughta smokeless 4 years ago from you I think and Im wanting to buy one for my son this next year.Please keep me in mind if anything comes available. I want a light one with an awesome stock and awesome scope.Text me if you get an option.615 945 3343
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    WTS Remington 700 300wm

    How much does it weigh?
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    Trailer hitch cargo carrier

    Ill take it
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    what's your favourite hunting dog and why

    My white mountain feist,Speck
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    Looking for guides in field dressing, butchering

    Learn the gutless method,its awesome
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    Gotta to brag a little

    Ill never know why they dont take a month during the year and say kill them however you can.This month only. Make it an annual thing with contests,prizes tournaments,a way of life.