WY/CO deer and proghorn on decline

AT Hiker

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Jul 3, 2011
Clarksville, Tennessee
"as demands on public lands rise"


I am all about sustaining ourselves here in the great U.S.A, but not at the cost of the greater good. I am sure some of the research is biased, but I have heard from many Westerners that the gas/oil drilling on public lands has hurt the animals greatly in some areas.

I have only been hunting WY for the last three years, so I cannot contest from past experience but I will say gas/oil fields are everywhere and where they are there are roads which increases habitat disruption.

I dont know what the solution is, but i hope the "experts" do what is right for ALL.

Of course this could be a "Global Warming" phenomenon and the animals are only in decline because of droughts and extreme winters and will rebound as it goes through the cycle.