White Bass ??

I haven’t eaten any in awhile but think they taste fine out of cold water as long as you get all of the red meat out of it. I have soaked in salt water for a day and then fried like any other fish.
I have been catching more white bass than other species lately. I have been tossing them back. Although, I am curious as to whether they are good to eat? Anybody got any suggestions or recipies?
They're great, provided you trim off (and throw away) the strip of red meat along their side (as noted above). The white meat is excellent, prepared any other way you would fix fish. My philosophy is, "If it ain't fried, it ain't fish!" :)
Keep the fillet meat north of the lateral line, trim the bit of red streak out and you can mix it with crappie and no one will be able to tell.
They are good eating especially when caught in winter or early spring. About all you have to do is lift the fillet knife up some on the skin side of the larger ones and cut each fillet in half down the lateral line then fry them up. Been eating them for forever and never any complaints.

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