TN River Catfish Series


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Oct 15, 2011
Once again, we are kicking off our TN River catfish series. Entry fees are $10 per man, with $5 for big fish . There is a limit of 2 men per boat. There is a ten fish weigh in limit. Rods and Reels only. Livewells may be checked before launch. All state regulations apply. Boats late to weigh in will be disqualified. Payout is based on the number of entries. These rules are firm.

Payout will follow this format:
1-9 Boats- 1st place collects 100%
10-15 Boats- 1st Place 70%, 2nd Place 30%
16 or More- 1st Place 60%, 2nd Place 30%, 3rd Place 10%

Dates are as follows:

March 23rd Savannah, TN TWRA Ramp 7am-1pm

April 27th Saltillo, TN TWRA Ramp 6am-12pm

June 1st Savannah, TN TWRA Ramp 6am-12pm

July 20th Mousetail Landing State Park 6am-12pm

August 24th Savannah, TN TWRA Ramp 6am-12pm

For questions, contact John Beshires at 731-608-0423 or Brian Crouse at 731-989-5613.

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