Tenpoint ACUslide


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Aug 10, 2018
Anyone have any experience with any of the Tenpoint crossbows with the ACUslide? I am pretty close to buying my first crossbow and leaning heavily towards the Turbo S1 or the Viper S400.



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Dec 1, 2013
Yes I have some experience with Tenpoint. I own the Stealth NXT with the Acudraw Pro and also the Vengent S440 with the Acuslide. I really like both bows and the Acuslide is a good system. I have had zero issues with both bows. My Stealth is about 4 years old and I just got the Vengent this year. I still carried my stealth in the woods this year even though I have the Vengent. Doesn't really bother me to throw a discharge bag in the bed of the truck. I bought a second crossbow in case I had issues and my Stealth went down. Didn't want to lose hunting opportunity since I can't use a compound any longer.

If I were you I would take a look at the Fury 410. It is on Tenpoints page, it is labeled has a Wicked Ridge Fury 410. You get the same customer service since wicked ridge is owned by tenpoint and I have never heard of any quality issues with Wicked Ridge crossbows. Plus it is 30 FPS faster with more KE. And $300.00 cheaper so you can buy extra arrows and broadheads or a new target. Just a suggestion but you can't go wrong.

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