pouring plastic baits

sure shot

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Nov 16, 2011
robertson,co TN
was looking to try and pour my own plastic tubes for jigs cant really find any youtube vids other than for bass baits. really only want to pour crappie baits.can anyone give some pointers put me in the right direction,suppliers,materials pics etc..making my own jig heads already and there turning out good. any help is appreciated thanks


Dec 13, 2000
Dallas, GA. & Cookeville, TN
I have a friend who's uncle has been making them for fishing Logan Martin for many, many years. The molds are a well kept family secret. Having personally used these jigs on Logan Martin and absolutely wearing out the Bass and crappie I know they work better than any store bought jig. They use a type of hair for their jigs that are definately not Maribou or feathers and are only in white and yellow or a mixture of the two colors. I was given some of these jigs to use should I hit Logan Martin without Ray or his Uncle Jimmy, I have not done so yet out of respect for Uncle Jimmy having showed me his favorite spots to fish Crappie. I truly believe the weight of the jig and the speed of the current is a huge factor in the succes of these jigs. Uncle Jimmy wont even fish if they are pulling more than one generator. He has lived on this lake for over 50 years.

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