Osceola hunt


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Oct 17, 2003
Speedwell, TN
Anyone have any info on a public ground Osceola hunt area? A buddy and I are going to try it in April. We have both killed Merriams, Rios and Easterns. I want to try a slam this year. We go to WY and KS every year on private farms and always kill out. Any help or advice would be appreciated. We know it is going to be tough.



Got your pm but for some reason it won't let me send reply. Both Green Swamp and Green Swamp West WMA's have plenty of turkeys. Big problem with people "roosting" turkeys there. Lots of cypress timber in there, both strands and heads as we call them. Water should be down in there. Long strands of older timber are good places to set up, especially later in the morning. These "older" strands will usually open up towards the center and become quite open. Usually, there will still be pockets of standing water "ponds" throughout the center. Turkeys will use these ponds to roost over and also to feed around(snails are a major food source ;))Find one of these strands that buts up to an oak hammock and you should find turkeys. When all else fails, look for Scott Ellis's truck and follow him in :grin: He hunts there quite a bit. Bring plenty of deet with you. Good luck.

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