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Mar 30, 2003
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I've saw all the lime comments on here and thought that I would share what I have done.

I was lucky and found several old pallets of chemically hydrated lime from a regional waste water plant. They use it to mix into their bio solids (the poop) to heat it up enough to kill all the pathogins. It was in a fine powder form (as fine as flour or powdered sugar) and spread very easy but, if the wind is blowing you will get alot of drift so I done it very early in the morning. I also run the RPM on the tractor low enough that I didn't create a large cloud using the 3 pt hitch seed/ fertilizer spreader. I also took the draw bar off my tractor to get the flailer (sp) as close to the ground as possible in order to keep the "cloud" down. I spread 2 ton per acre and according to my research the finer the lime the fast it starts to work on the PH. I would assume one could mix this type lime into a slurry and spread it as a liquid but, I don't have a sprayer that I want to try it with.

As a side notes.

#1 If you get ahold of or are able to try this type of lime be very careful not to get it into your eyes as it is liquid activated and heats up and can cause burning. The best solution if you do is simply dilute it with TONS of water.

#2 A cab tractor is a MAJOR plus and be sure to clean out all the air intake filters on your tractor after applying ANY "dusty" lime as it will set up like concrete and be a real pain in the butt to remove once it's hard.

#3 Some regional waste water plants give away their bio solids that they have incorporated this lime into. Some spread it for free, others may charge a small fee. I would consider calling them to find out if they use lime aggrigate in their process and see what they do with the excess. You may find they will be more than happy to get you some for near of nothing.... plus the bio solids have nutrients in them that will cut down on your fertilizer costs. I used to use it until they done away with that process and it worked great. I never found any "trash" in what I spread.

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