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Oct 5, 2016
This was my 6th sit of the season and finally felt like hunting season. Had squirrels around me all morning making noise. At 8:45 I heard something walking toward me but couldn’t find it through the canopy. At about 60 yds I picked her up coming down a trail. She stopped and put her head up trying to wind me but the wind was in my favor. She continued on and at 40 she took the trail to bring her in front of me but not the best shooting lanes. She stopped behind some bushes allowing me to stand and turn. I drew when she stepped out and in between 2 trees at 36 yds. Had what looked like a 6 inch window ( probably more like 2 feet). She stopped and I let the arrow fly. She turned and ran back the way she came about 20 yds. I couldn’t see her but it sounded like she crashed. Gave it 30 min and went and checked. There she lay. May have hit her just a little high but I think I got both lungs. Drug her out and while cleaning her 2 more does ran across the road about 30 yds away. Pressure off now. Can focus on the big boys unless another doe slips up. Just have to get to November as I’m headed to Iowa for the whole month to try my hand in the land of the giants.


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