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Excalibur micro


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Jun 12, 2002
Knoxville-Dover-Union City, TN
I do not use the Excalibur "stock" bolts, as they seem to be designed more for a 150 gr head.

I'm using the recommended bolts from Wyvern Creations, which are balanced weighted for 100 gr heads.

I've experimented with a small variety of heads,
but believe I'm going to be sticking with the standard (original) Slick Trick 100 gr head.
Although this head is only 1" in diameter, is is a 4-blade head, with a lot of cutting edge for its diameter.
NOTHING flies better or carries better downrange (at least among fixed heads).

I like the Slick Tricks because they are very durable, fail-proof, and proven.

Some prefer mechanicals mainly in case of a poor shot placement (such as too far back, gut shot, etc.).
I prefer fixed because they are more inclined to bust thru a shoulder or spine if I shoot high, or maybe should I just center the front leg bone.
And, with fixed, simply less to go wrong, such as blades coming loose, breaking on impact, etc.

Double lung the deer, get a complete pass-thru, and the particular broadhead used seems to matter little.
I have more faith in these small fixed blades for this to ALWAYS happen.

I have friends who prefer the Slick Trick Magnums with their larger 1 1/8" diameter,
but I believe the 1" standard is adequate with the advantage of maintaining it's accuracy better when hitting small twigs, and is a better bone-penetrating head due to it's smaller size. IMO, increasing the odds for a complete pass-thru is higher priority than a tad more cutting edge.

Another issue:
If a mechanical head simply nicks something, like a leaf stem, it may partially open in flight, causing it to fly way off target. Small fixed heads are effected less should they nick something in flight.

Your mileage may vary.


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