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Sep 16, 2011
Wayne Co. , Tennessee
There has been half a dozen posts the last few weeks regarding these items.. Was jus Gunna tell every one, I have a Mossberg 935 just both a .690 jelly head choke tube for it, and some hevi shot 5,6,7 blend 3.5". And at fifty yrds I peppered the mess out of a ten inch paper... So fairly good combo for those interested. Doubt I ever will but I'm certain I could smoke a turkey at 60yrds.
If you think .690 is good in that 935, you should try a .680 or .675. I prefer a .680. I've have spend way to much money testing the 935 and other turkey guns, let me just say IMO, put your money in a good tube like a jelly head or Kicks or Indian Creek they all shoot good but constriction is so important. Now that being said Dead is Dead. In my 935 and my friends 835 .680 is so much better than all the rest. I've have shot about every combo known to man in this gun and the Kick Gobbling Thunder .680 wins hands down! Now shotgun shells, Again IMO, and I'll post the results, whether you spend $26.00 on mag blend or $15.00 on another brand shot size (#5 in my 935) is best but cant tell much difference in the mag blend except cost. I've shot out to 50 Yrds testing and cant see a notable change except in cost. Shotgun shells are a rip off, like buying a new bow every year because they change the name and make minor changes. IMO, cost vs. results, a good Mossberg 935 or (835 if you dont mind the kick) with a good choke and right constriction will shoot just as good as my benelli super vin. Let my years of wasting money be a savings for you guys, and put your money where it matters. Choke Tube and right constriction.
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if lead 5's shot as good as hevi on average hevi would be out of business...

i have shot every ammo out there pretty much minus TSS as well as 10-15 different choke tubes in my benelli and remingtons. I actually feel the opposite from my experience, good ammo can shoot great out of a cheap choke or even a factory one. i have found very few great chokes that shoot sub par ammo very well.

in addition "construction" does not tell the whole story with a choke as the inner "guts" are just as if not more important....just saying a 670 SSX will not necessarily shoot the same as a 670 jelly head or 670 Rhino.

just my experience
I shot mine again today at fifty five yrds. Now I need to get adjustable site as my pattern w both these shells is more dense at bottom of page. But with my jelly head .690 at 55 yrds I had 12 pellets in head & neck of the turkey on the paper with hevi shot. With regular lead winchester 5 shot I had seven pellets in the head and neck. I want adjustable sites to see what it'll do, but if not I'll jus aim at the top of his head instead of neck. Keep in mind tht his was in the turkeys head not 10" circle....
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Your right Ren, Hevi is good I use it all the time but IMO, cost does not out weigh performance. I shot both at 40 yrds, Winchester 3 1/2 extended range #5 and Hevi Mag Blend out of a Mossberg 935 with Kicks .680 and the shell made no notable difference. Buy a good choke and speak with the manufacter and ask which constriction shoots best wih your gun and buy that tube and test different shot and see. Your gonna save alot of money. What I have found is the right constriction size (in a good choke) by far will shoot a better a pattern. Hevi shot is good but the result dont justify the cost.
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I'm trying to post pics to show the difference in shells. both big holes were shot out of Kicks .680 Mossberg 935. hevi because thats what I set my scope with, hit the head but just above was the winchester, both punched a big hole at 40 yrds. At the right of the pic is same gun, same choke but in a .675 and same shells. These high cost shells are a rip off. A turkeys neck and head area are fragile, any farm boy can tell ya, if you hit it in the head, lead, steel, rock, whatever its dead!
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All I'm saying guys is I've been hunting turkeys since the 70's and when I was a young boy my papaw took me on my first turkey hunt. I was shooting a Cherokee Long Tom 12 ga. with most likely whatever shells papaw had, and killed my first bird. I came from a bunch of east tn. hillbillys who didnt waste, and proud of it and know those hunts were very successful and that was before turkey infested every county, you had to be a hunter. IMO, enjoy the hunt, don't go broke doing it, so momma is mad at you for spending too much. Whether you shoot a single shot, or the most expensive semi auto gun on the market you can kill a bird. Just make a good shot and good memories.
Your saying that your gun blew that hole at 40 yards with one shot? How much do you want for it? I'm fixing to get rich off of it
Your gun may be the exception not the rule though. I've shot plenty of lead through my guns and lead comes no where near the patter hevi does. In addition cost vs worth is up to the shooter as the range is different for everyone. For me currently it warrants the cost but again that's me.
My gun and the others I have seen there is not much of a comparison between lead and hevi.
Federal mag-shok flitecontrol wad, I think that is the name of them, were the best leads I have ever used. I bet it is the same thing as the new "turkey thug" shells. Do not remeber the oz of shot, but know they were 3.5'' number 5s. I hear people talk of the winchester supreme or double x shells, and those have been the biggest piece of crap of turkey shells I have ever used, and will never buy them again unless I have too. I aint got a problem with anybody using them, but i myself, hate them.
Anyways, in my set-up, HTL shot probably has 20-30% more pellets in the target zone that lead. That is why I use them. They are awfully expensive, but it is just worth it to me to use the best there is, since turkey hunting is my favorite thing to do.
I stand corrected, I ranged it a few minutes ago in the rain. it was 32 yrds. Not trying to be deceptive guys, we move the target in the day before and forgot to reset it.I shoot Hevi too, but I do think its over priced. I thought the topic was Choke Tube & Ammo.
I hear alot of people on here trying to get set up to hunt and the cost. Just trying to be objective. :)
I bought a Turkey Thug shotgun last year and killed my first turkey with it. :) This year I put a red dot scope on it and have tried various shells. The best one for the gun is the Turkey Thug ammo! Nice tight pattern going to be lethal. :)
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Probably without question since the bores are exactly identical in both the 835 and 935's, the best choke I have found in the 835 has been the old Star Dot .676 choke Shooting Hevi-13 2.25oz #7's I know of no other choke that will consistently beat it. I see no reason why it would'nt give similar results in a 935 barrel as well.