Best socks for Muck Boots


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Mar 10, 2023
Liner sock is the key in any boot used imo. With nylon or silk liner + wool sock I wear uninsulated Danners down to high 20's with no prob.

I wear a thin liner sock inside wool socks. Helps with the wicking.
I use a light liner + merino wool sock to help move the moisture from my feet. I have also used toe warmers to help as well, getting older isn't any fun, can't stand the cold like I used to back in the day.

It also depends on how you hunt. If you walk a lot, just a couple light liner socks would be enough, both moving moisture off your feet. If you are hunting up in tree, try a thick mat under your feet to keep your feet off the cold metal ladder stand.
Some people swear by the big booties you can put over your feet, I haven't tried those, I hate carrying a whole lot to the stand.

This is a great time of year to try to see what works. Put on the different layers of socks, i.e. just liners, liners and merino, liners, merino, toe warmers, liners and heavy wool socks, etc. Then walk around out in the heat letting your feet get warm. Next, go into the house fill your tub with ice and cold water and sit for a while with your boots in the tub. You need a lot of ice, and you only need to fill it up over your ankles. See how it feels. See which works best for you.

For those looking at gloves, you can do the same thing with a bucket of ice and try out your gloves. See what works for you.

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