Antler Restriction blowback?


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Jan 11, 2004
Jamestown, TN
LOL common problem anywhere you have deer, QDM in the area or not, I have to fence every one of my trees. Alot of orchard owners are like alot of farmers, they just want reasons to make deer look bad and thus have their populations lowered tremendously or even wiped out.
Probably correct. Improve the buck age structure and the adult sex ratio and you will see far more rubbing activity.
Football Hunter said:
plinker22 said:
Kill a Buck, Save a Fruit Tree!!! :)
Sometimes I just wanna yell at them,"I planted these for you ,DUMB A$$,Quit tearing them up!"

You took the words right out of my mouth. :) Having spent years raising beef cattle, who also seem to work hard destroying what you provide for their benefit, growing trees for deer can be frustrating at time. I keep telling myself that this problem phase will be over in a few years then I'll have a self sustaining feed supply that requires practically no work to keep it going.

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