1st Spring bird for 2013


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Oct 25, 2008
(Marshall Co) Left work this afternoon and headed out for my 2nd hunt of the Spring. Hunted hard on Sat. but birds were hened up in the fields and the strutters wouldn't leave their ladies. Got set up today about 3:30 sat down & called with no answer. After 30 min I left my tree to glass some cow pastures. Sure enough 20-25 hens & 2 strutters in the field. I watched them for a few and decided to go to where I thought they were headed. Well, that ended up being the right choice. I watched and waited from afar as they slowly headed my way. One by one the hens passed by me w/the 2 strutters bringing up the rear in full strut. I clucked once and the one in front stretched out his neck and bang I rolled him. He gets up and gets about 5 yards off the ground and I let him have it again. This time he was down for the count. Once I got up to him I saw that I had hit in low in the breast. He's a 2yr old bird with 9.25 beard. One spur is 1" the other is just under 1". No matter how many times I get set up on a bird it never fails. My heart feels like its gonna bust out of my chest! I could almost swear I was gonna get busted from my shirt moving up and down. MAN, I love hunting!!!!



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