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    The mine field Brownsville

    I kinda figured a Retired TVA worker that had connections at the Government auction site…👍
  2. Smo in the stand WAY too early

    I’m a 6:15 kinda Guy…. I can’t see the sights before then anyway… Plus I’ve had my share of those early morning misadventures of all kinds..🥴
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    Pistol grip turkey gun

    535 Mossberg…3 1/2” kicks like a mule…😬👍
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    Primitive Camping

    We’ll be glad too have you!👍
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    2022 kill thread

    A Friend of mine from Mississippi came up too hunt for a few days. The third day was charm for him 3:45 this afternoon
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    Deer - Venison Brisket

    Gutless method is the way too go… You tube it… one guy can have a deer dressed & in the cooler in 11 minutes…Boneless! I’m not that quick….🥴👍
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    Do you guys hide your ATVs when hunting?

    Sometimes other things are just more important…
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    Need help finding this shirt

    Sorry I don’t have any camo patterns that are that recent….
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    Smoker!!!! Finally got done 🎉🎉

    Spiral sliced ham… Cooked yesterday, from the new deer stand…😬 Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!
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    Happy Thanksgiving too all !
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    Benton Co Mississippi is a hot spot for CWD in N Mississippi.. I’m not sure what their regulations are at this time.. I was under the impression anything testing positive got incinerated… 🙄
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    Here's what's going on in Canada

    I have a Friend that lives in SW Wisconsin that had a trip planned to hunt Canadian geese.. Which was canceled due too … I guess they don’t realize the same birds fly South into our Country…🥴
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    I wonder how this guy’s week is going…….

    That’s Redneck Sauce! No need for A1….😬
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    Bucks Grunting

    Seen a couple real good bucks in the last 3-4 days in N Humphreys Co.. In hay fields chasing does..👍
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    Do you guys hide your ATVs when hunting?

    It’s almost like fishin using a trolling motor..👍 Kinda hard too sneak up on them.