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    Things are heating up

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    Things are heating up

    I am mostly a lurker but I read all the threads, hunting, sports, general, etc. Here is my theory on you. You are a troll. You joined a deer hunting site that has TN in the title. On this deer hunting site made up of people from TN there is a section for them to talk about sports. You spend...
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    Cheap Muddy cams

    I have one and Tactacams. I just told my brother today I am switching all over to Muddy next year. The tactacams are so finicky, where the muddy is pretty solid. The muddy doesn’t have as many settings, but it does the job. The app is way better than Tactacam. You can actually filter based on...
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    Another Death via Falling Out of the Boat . . . . . .

    One of my best friends was running a tiller handle motor coming out of a duck hole and hit a submerged log. It flipped the motor up and landed in his lap. He lost half is arm and almost bled out from his leg. Props are dangerous and freak accidents happen. At some point you assume some level of risk
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    Bounty on his head

    This was a few years ago. It was bow season and he was 70 yards away. I never saw him again. Would have loved to have got him. Sorry for the low quality picture he was across a field
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    Michigan v Ohio State

    So SEC has 5 NC ACC2 NC Big10 1 NC SEC 14 playoff wins Everyone else 10 Yeah they are equal. You can not compare no other conference is even close to the SEC. The SEC needs to break away from the NCAA and have their own league so other conferences can win a NCAA championship
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    Whos in the wind 11/27

    I am out in the wind. I didn’t climb a tree though. Sitting in a blind. No deer yet
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    Well I am car shopping now.

    Why would they offer a great warranty if they know they are going to have to fix them? That would cost them money. My wife drives a KIA Stinger and it is a solid car. It gets more looks than any other car I have owned
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    Opening day rifle season observations

    I only heard 4 shots. 1 well before shooting light and 3 after
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    New names in the Auburn coaching search!

    Gruden :)
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    NE Arkansas duck lease

    Thanks guys he found a local guide to take it
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    Meme fun