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    My you tube feed was full of 6.8 western ammo.

    I dont get it? Why not just use the already available 270 WSM with a fast twist barrel? Or even better, wildcat it to 6.5WSM? I've been very pleased with my 6.5WSM built to shoot the 140g bullets at 3250 fps.
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    Aftermarket stocks

    If you are going ultralight, see if you can find one of the old Rem 700 mountain titanium stocks. They were made by Bell and Carlson, but were surprisingly high quality and extremely lightweight. I bought 3 of them from Numrich about a decade ago for $70 each. They typically bring $200 or so...
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    Strategic Harvest System.

    Harvest management per age class to produce the highest end bucks at maturity is very simple... Shoot the worst scoring 25% of bucks per age class starting at 1.5 yo, never shoot the top 25% of bucks per age class until 5.5 or 6.5. When you can control everything that is killed (high fence)...
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    Do you think a buck is aware of the size of own rack?

    Individual mature bucks with huge racks are not any harder or easier to kill than mature bucks with inferior racks... it's just that there are 4 to 5 times more mature bucks with inferior racks alive due to high grading of each age class in the years prior to reaching maturity. So... yes...
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    Turkey Season 2021

    Actually deer closes Feb 14th in south MS, and juvie turkey opens Mar 8th. My wife reminds me of this fact every year about this time.
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    What do you think of this article BSK or anyone ? Update : Another article

    This is key to killing larger antlered mature deer... And I would argue protecting the best of the 3.5 y/o age class is even more important if you want to kill a deer over 150" in TN
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    Do you think a buck is aware of the size of own rack?

    I don't think individual bucks have any awareness of their own rack size, and rack size has zero correlation regarding dominance in the herd in my observations over 38 years. Age, overall health, and individual personality seem to be the primary determining factors regarding dominance.
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    Quarantined-- Blargh!

    The rapid test has a lot of false positives, the PCR has a lot of false negatives... im not sure i would want to test if completely asymptomatic... could lead to prolonged quarantine for no reason at all, OR a false of security you don't have it when you do. Smart thing is to isolate yourself...
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    A stud 3 year old.

    Heckuva 10, looks to be all over 150
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    Thoughts on this deer?

    I think he just caught his rump on a wet branch and wetted/slicked his hair down there
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    Here we go!

    Funny thing is.... nobody had pictures of that buck until he showed up 3 days ago. He's been on my camera every night past 3 night including last night. The 6.5 yo 8 has actually settled into a pattern the past week, checking one plot in particular just after dark. Im set up halfway between...
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    Here we go!

    I got beat to that spot for this mornings hunt, members son got him. Nice buck for down here. 4.5yo, 14.75inside, 19 and 20in beams, 110in. He was tending a doe and she led him out onto the powerline. My 6.5yo is still alive, going to focus on him again (although probably a waste of time)...
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    got some bad news, need a prayer

    I can't imagine.... prayers sent
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    Covid Symptoms.......taste/smell

    Anywhere from a week to the rest of your life. Unfortunately, 5-10% never recover taste or smell. Glad you are having a mild case, watch out for day 6... thats the day where some folks turn south FAST.
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    Doc did his thing UP Date

    Woot, a strang thing to be proud of :)