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Very interested in the truck if still available. We live in Murfreesboro so would have to work out a best time to make the trip but may be a great fit for me/my daughter. I'll try to look up a Bluebook value (you may have already) and get back with you. Thanks.
Can m you tell me which barrels are blue and which one is stainless and where are you located
It isn't my listing but

the barrel attached is a blue 308 the stainless is a 7-08 the next blue barrel with sights is a 30-06 and the bottom blue barrel is a 7mm rifle barrel

Chad has those listed and he is near Jackson

have a good day brother
Thank you
Sir, Do you still have your hunting blind and do you ever get to the east side of the state? I am in West Knoxville. thanks, Wally "FishnFed"
Perfect. Please stay in touch and bring it with you. We can make arrangements to meet up someplace. My cell is 865/320-4616. Thanks, Wally
Uncle Snowplow
yes sir. I sure will
Uncle Snowplow
Hey Wally, I actually won't be making a trip until later in may or June. Some work stuff came up. I can still bring you the blind then if you'd like it.
Hi there, my name is Carsyn, I just joined the forum because I found your thread from 2017 about a .30 cal sml that replicated 30-06 performance. I'm just wondering how that worked out long term? I live in Saskatchewan and such a gun would be totally legal for all big game hunting even in dedicated muzzleloader seasons.
I’m interested in the pistol. Are you ever in the Memphis/Millington area?
I live in Dyersburg and have a Farm in Ripley so I’m there often. I don’t get to Millington very often. I try to avoid Memphis at all cost. Lol I could prob meet in Henning
I’ll take it. I’m assuming with only 50 rounds through it it’s like brand new?
Yes it’s like new with all factory stuff. Call me 731-693-1046 Thanks
Feel free to txt me or call me at 6156129313. Would probably be a much quicker way to correspond
Interested in the land you have posted. Can you send me an address to pull up in map?
I'm interested in the Springfield. I know this is a long shot, but do you ever get to East Tennessee?