US Open

I’m a big golf fan, but don’t get to watch much anymore. I pay attention each week and keep tabs on things, just not like I used to. I do completely absorb all I can each year for the Masters and The Open (British), especially as I can watch all day of each round on the apps for those tournaments. Those two have always meant something special to me, even more than the US Open. Never did like how the PGA tweaks the courses and green for the US Opens…yes, make it tough, just make the course playable.
I’m a volunteer for the FedEx St. Jude tournament and the worst player out there is great. I was the tee marker last year on hole #13 (long par 4) and it’s stunning how far, and straight they all are. My least favorite player is Brian Harmon. He’s got a bad case of little man’s disease. He’s good but “grumpy”. I say that from standing near him on the tee 4 years in a row.
My fantasy football group also draft golfers for every major. 5 golfers per man, have to have at least 4 make the cut then it’s lowest total score. All my 5 are still playing. I can’t take too much credit a buddy of mine had to pick for me cause I was traveling.
I’ll have to throw him some bones if I end up winning.
Haven’t got to watch much the first two days but hopefully I’ll actually have some time to relax and watch some this weekend.
I never root for furreners but Aberg is so fan friendly that I wouldn't mind seeing him win. I base my favorite golfers on how they interact with the fans, especially kids. The ones that think they are a god and too good for the common folk can pound sand.
Bryson looking good with a couple holes left to play. I like him him well enough to too for him. Good friend really likes McIllroy, so I’ll root against him :p