Quality work!

And if fuss is all booked up I’m available.
AT - serious question? Do you plan to continue doing taxidermy where you are now? Bigger mounts, bigger paychecks. 🤔
That’s the plan!
The house we closed on has a separate shop, which I’m super excited about. Talked with a few locals so far and most are having to travel for taxidermy work as the only quality work here is a bird and fish shop. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to establish something. Only issue I can see is dealing with the traveling hunter and shipping. That’s gotten ridiculously expensive so I’ll have to figure that out.
You are the meanest bestie I've got. 😅
Someone has to keep you grounded. 🤷🏻‍♂️

In all seriousness, not sure you can be replaced here. However, I can plan two trips a year to see you. One to drop off and one to pick up. If there is enough interest from others, I’ll deliver theirs for a small fee to pay off what I’ll owe you. 😂
Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words, even if I don't have much good to say about y'all 😂

Seriously, when I got into taxidermy I never once thought the biggest benefit of it would be the friendships I would make. When the news is full of doom n gloom just turn it off and get to know like minded people, lots of good in this world. What's the saying…"if you wanna be rich, hang out with rich people". Me, I wanna kill big deer so I hang out with "big deer killers", it's the only way I get to handle those big deer 🤪

It's been a fun ride here but those giant elk in WY are calling my name. ✌️
Good luck!