Help! Diesel in boat engine


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Apr 6, 2007
Nashville, TN
I have a 15-HP Mercury on the back of a Riverhawk boat. A guy borrowed it and said he wanted to replenish the fuel after. I told him about non-ethanol gas. I later added 2-stroke oil at 45 to 1 ratio.
I went out today. The engine turned over and thick, white smoke came out before shutting down. It didn't start again. I took another look at the fuel, and it looked yellowish/green, even after the oil was added. I can't get in touch with this guy.
If it is frrrreaking diesel, what do I do? I mean after getting new fuel. I'm so pissed! Thanks in advance!
Well there is no ethanol in it!

Sorry about your luck. I learned long ago not to let anyone borrow my boat and in return, I'll never borrow anyone else's boat.

The one time I did, I let a buddy run a charter in a Ranger flats boat that I had. He came off plane while turning in high winds. A wave caught the bow and he center punched a tripod(channel marker). It separated the cap from the hull and cost me 6 weeks of tarpon season. He paid the $7,500 in repairs and had to sell his truck to have the money.
Wife put diesel in one our first exmark lazer z commercial
Mower. It was smoking and had no power. Called the delaer. He told me just drain it and put high octane gas in it. We did so, it souttered for 3 minutes and was dine after that.