Bow Upgrade - Done Deal!


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Oct 13, 2002
Knoxville, TN USA
Well finally upgraded my 2001 Champion Buck for a 2023 Mathews Phase 4. Last week, I shot the Phase 4, Lift, and Hoyt VTM. Went back today and told the bow shop owner to hand me one at the time and not tell me what it was. They all felt about the same, but the Phase 4 is what came home with me.

I was interested in the Bowtech but they didn't carry them.

Went with the 5-pin fixed sight after considering the 3-pin slider. I'm a KISS kinda guy. Unlikely I'll shoot at an animal over 40 yards, but don't want the potential of having the sights set to the wrong distance.

Old Champion was set at 55#, and shooting a 380 grain combo at 250 fps, for 52.7 ft-lbs.

Phase 4 is set at 60#, shooting the same 380 grain combo at 290 fps for 71 ft-lbs.


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Here's the 2001 Champion. Bow shop owner hadn't heard of it or recognize it. Said it looked like an old Mathews. If my memory is correct, Champion went out of business after being sued for patent infringement. Maybe is was Mathews that sued them.

Totally outfitted, it feels lighter. I'll have to compare the weights later.


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Forgot to post weights,
2001 Champion with sight, stabilizer, and wrist strap 5-1/2 lbs.
2023 Phase 4 with same items, 6-3/8..

Kinda surprised that it was heavier, but the sight was much bigger. I didn't weigh the bare bows to see how they compared.
Nice bow! I shoot the V3x 29 and love it. Have a trx 38 too and it’s almost like cheating it’s so consistent and accurate. Wish it weren’t bright blue or I would pull it up in the saddle with me. 😂😂
I opted for the fixed 5 pin too. Don’t need anything to fidget with up in the trees. I do run a 15” bar out front and it is super stable.
Enjoy that nice piece of equipment and hopefully you get to stick one.