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    Watching public land hunting....

    Yeah, that was one of my favorites. Great job hitting it during the secondary (or tertiary?) rut. And smarter-not-harder sneak job to close the deal.
  2. younggun308

    got some bad news, need a prayer

    May he be healed, Amen.
  3. younggun308

    National Rifle Association Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    I thought their HQ was in Virginia?
  4. younggun308

    Picking up?

    My family’s got roots in the Nebraska panhandle. I’m dying to take a trip there to jump aboard the Central Flyway bandwagon after all the reports I’ve seen this year. Seems the early season was really good south of the Dakotas because of an early freeze-up in late October. I’m sure most years...
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    Daddy-Daughter Hunt

    Don’t care what you’ve got in the bank. You’re a rich man, now. So happy for you.
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    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    Other issue is if warmer days would be too hot without a removable liner, notwithstanding wearing merino socks, and moisture-wicking lower and upper base layers.
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    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    I actually found that the insulated Drake’s Guardian Elite model is way cheaper if you get the model where the insulation can’t be taken out. Haven’t heard people complain about their boots. Couple problems I anticipate with un-removable insulation, though: 1) takes longer to dry if and when...
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    Picking up?

    Heard people say there’s still a bunch in Canada and upstate New York. Too much open water. Hopefully this polar vortex pushes them out by the end of season.
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    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    I immensely appreciate everyone’s feedback. We’ll see what I can find on sale, but all else being equal I’ll probably go for the Frogg Toggs/Rogers’ and try to tread carefully around sunken timber to not pierce the boot. Lord-willing, someday I can eventually get a pair of Sitkas.
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    Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting

    This where they’ll talk about blind draws or is that February?
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    Glass pot call advice

    Going to Lonnie Mabry’s workshop is a humbling experience. Man’s got so many stories to tell, you about feel bad trying out the calls. Best to budget several hours. As for the calls (which are fantastic)...you’ll hardly find anything more affordable for custom quality. Trick is, he only sells to...
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    Off season coyote ammo

    I was under the impression you couldn’t shoot anything at all with FMJ for hunting purposes.
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    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    That would be amazing, but it’s just not the time of life for me to make that kind of investment. I never thought I’d own a Sitka anything but happened upon a rain jacket in Cabela’s bargain cave, pre-merger. Doubt I’ll get that lucky again with a pair of waders. Basically I’m just hoping it’s...
  14. younggun308

    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    Chesapeake or Grand Refuge? How many hunts a season do you estimate that is? I really like the thought of going with the Rogers/Frogg Toggs, but have read reviews complaining that the boots crack. I’d rather have to patch leaks than deal with a cracked boot. But of course it’s impossible to...
  15. younggun308

    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    How much more do you have to pay, in your opinion, to get a multi-year breathable wader?