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    White squirrel

    very cool
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    Nothing like it!

    thats great
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    2020 buck is back

    congrtas. good looking deer
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    Shop is done

    looking good
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    Thumped em today

    great catch and better eating
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    First time to Wyoming (pic heavy)

    congrats. bucket list for sure
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    Killed a 9 point yesterday evening

    tough luck there. good that your fine
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    Glass pot call advice

    woodhaven david holloran only chance, for a "local" call. he's out of Chattanoga
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    Sandhill Cranes 2021

    very nice. love to hear them fly over
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    Old hunting videos

    Will Primos, Toxey and Cuz from Mossy Oak . I remember the others listed, but I always thought these guys seemed like just regular guys.
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    Habakkuk 3:17-19

    When you truly find "that" peace, worry seems to be way less. good thoughts by all
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    Things I should have bought a long time ago

    4 wheeler. My knees would be in better shape
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    2020 Season (pic heavy)

    Great year
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    For Posterity

    sad times for us, but especially our children and grandchildren.
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    I cried a little 😢

    Awesome. Great investment. all three of of my daughters have theirs and my three grandchildren. I have another grandchild on the way and he will get his too.