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    I have a .308 cal. bolt action rifle that was my FIL's. In doing some cleaning/rearranging, I came across a box of Winchester 7.62mm cartridges that are 147 gr FMJ. From looking on the internet, it appears that they are OK to shoot in a .308, but wanted to confirm from our experts on here. They...
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    FREE Oak Entertainment cabinet FREE

    We are re-doing a living room after some repairs. We have a nice, solid oak (no presswood) cabinet that needs to go down the road. It is 6' high by 57" with six etched glass doors and a 28" opening for a TV or curios. There are moveable shelves in the large glass cabinets for stereo system, etc...
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    got some bad news, need a prayer

    Prayers sent.
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    Daddy-Daughter Hunt

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    Father passed this morning......

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for peace and comfort. May he RIP.
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    Montana 2020 Elk Deer

    Thank you for sharing with us.
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    I apologize

    Have no idea why anyone would have gotten that impression. You post good stuff!
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    Braid to fluro

    I've been using a uni to uni knot on my redfish outfits because I can tie it and not the FG. We caught a 40 # red on one of the outfits, and nothing broke, so I'm pretty comfortable with the uni.
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    This Juvi’s smile says it all!!!

    Congratulations on a great hunt!
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    Joined the covid club....

    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent.
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    Off season coyote ammo

    No. FMJ is not legal for ANY hunting.
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    Any ideas?

    Look into the Outer Banks of NC. Long drive, but an overnight in Asheville where you do the Biltmore House would make it doable.
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    Covid test number 2

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    FL 30A Vacation Suggestions?

    For the beach and lesser # of people, we like the Cape San Blas/ Indian Pass area. There are a bunch of VRBO units that meet your criteria. While there are some local eateries, we also drive into Apalachicola which is a pretty good haul. Beautiful area, and on my mind every time I buy a lottery...