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    The breaking point

    Reading comprehension bites someone again.
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    ALABAMA V Florida

    There have been better, but there are some funny lines. "I have learned that intentional grounding is more of a state of mind than a hard and fast rule"
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    TNDeer members fighting over COVID deaths really is foolish.

    <Shakinghead> at the hypocrisy of this title and then content of the OP.
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    Covid killed my brother

    So sorry Eric! BTW I'm VolDoug from the old TnTurkey days.
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    Need guidance/ advice on hauling trucks

    I would think if they are this size, then finding drivers would be your best option. How many trucks?
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    ALABAMA V Florida

    Didn't watch it, but without the missed extra point, couldn't they have had the opportunity to go for two for the win? Now that would have been a tough decision. Easy for me to say, but I think I would roll the dice and have gone for it. That is, if I had a better play call than what they...
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    Anyone else sick but not with Covid?

    We had RSV 3-4 months ago, confirmed by grandkids testing positive. Took a while to get over for them and us. Now the grandson has runny nose for a few days, and the last two nights I've awoke with a sore throat. But it got better during the day yesterday. No other symptoms yet.
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    Credit card

    We use the Amazon, and it is administered by Chase which has done well for us. Another point to mention is that with online access, you can pay as often as you like when you link a checking account. So, you could pay daily, weekly, whatever. They even have the option that tells you the...
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    The breaking point

    My in-laws haven't had it. It concerns me because I love them.
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    The breaking point

    Wow, that's awful! But, as those opposed to getting the shot will point out; he did survive and is in the 99 whatever %, so there's that :rolleyes: !
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    County fair rides. Are they safe

    Another angle and more footage. If the other side was full, it looks like 20 people. And this is from July of this year.
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    County fair rides. Are they safe

    Wow! You wonder how long it had been out of control. Obviously long enough for the lady to start recording, and when the video begins, you hear the guy yell "Take Cover"! He was expecting it to turn loose at any minute. I would like to have seen more footage to see how many people were on...
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    Random Used Vehicle Purchasing Question

    This is excellent advice. We did that with a friend we go to church with for one of my daughters. Just be ready, because those auctions move quickly. Also, with it being a truck, while the deal will be better, I'm sure the small car lot owners will run the price up a bit knowing they can get...
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    Texas Wants out of the SEC

    That was better. But what's more entertaining are the comments below the YouTube video between fans going back and forth. The Bammers are leading the charge :D !
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    Odds calculation.

    Who said that there were 15 separate drawings ;) :D ?