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    What happened to HIPPA ?

    It’s a pandemic man!!! HIPPA is a joke especially in small towns. Medical community even in semi-large towns like Knoxville is a joke. Med personnel spread crap like wildfire.
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    Classic Country Thread

    You got that right! Back in my wild and woolly years, I was working on the road and had leave my home town on Sunday’s to get to my job site for the week. My buddy and I just smoked a left hand cig and was high as a kite. Pulled into the gas station for munchies and gas when a group with...
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    Best western movie

    Correct on Blazing Saddles. Seems like I always catch something I missed that makes me laugh my butt off. How that is possible I don’t know considering the age of the movie and the many times I’ve watched it. Another great one that i put in my top 5 is The Man From Snowy River. Have that in...
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    My little girls Art

    I’m a nurse. We have a weird sense of humor 😂. Your daughter is very talented though
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    My little girls Art

    Little something my 16 month old is working on....
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    This is what I was most afraid of

    Raised in a solid Christian home. Parents never fought, never cussed, didn’t drink or do drugs. We were a little on the poor side but we had food on the table and I had clothes on my back. I was also in church every time the doors were open. I made the decisions I made not based on what my...
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    This is what I was most afraid of

    I hope this is a joke?
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    Kreutz market

    If they can render fat off a brisket like them folks do, I would be excited to try it. Just won’t be in TX for a while.
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    Kreutz market

    Yep. Everything was wrapped up in butcher paper with half a loaf of white bread. Them folks can bbq for sure!
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    Kreutz market

    Between my wife and I
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    Kreutz market

    1st pic is the smoke house. 2nd pic is what we got (brisket under all of this). 3rd is 7 minutes later. Went to Blacks as well. To full to take a picture.
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    100 acres for sale.... West Knoxville

    Smithbuilt licking their chops.
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    Headed to Montana in June

    Excellent place. Also tour the Missoula Smoke Jumpers facility if they will let you. Last fire I was on got snowed out and we spent the last 2 days of the detail walking around Missoula. We were walking around with our fire gear still on and the locals kept pointing us to the strip joints...
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    Nursing home crap

    I’m glad you have an open mind when considering hospice. Most people think that hospice means dc’ing all medications and letting the patient die. That’s not the case. I’ve seen multiple patients admitted to hospice and turn around and live a somewhat normal life. In considering hospice, the...