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    Civil Unrest ?

    I’m too old to worry about surviving too long. I think I’d go hunting for some interesting game that needed killing until I was gone....
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    Things you never thought you'd do.

    went on a shark feeding dive in the Bahamas....
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    Muddy blinds buyer beware

    I've never been inn an SC2. It didn't make sense to me unless 2 hunters or room for gear. I've got sc1 and sc3 s... The sc1 is great because of it's height (I'm 6'4"). It's a fine stand to hunt out of and great viewing 3 ways. A little awkward repositioning gun to different windows but...
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    Muddy blinds buyer beware

    Good to hear. I've had extremely good service from Southern Outdoor Technologies and their Sportmans condos so far. I've put up 10 of them so far and they've worked out great. I do wish the SC1 was a little larger (48") and the SC# was a little smaller (66") but the ones I've decked out have...
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    Legal road access question

    A recent case in Roane Co. went to the Circuit court judge....
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    Here is a covid story for you

    There's obviously some sort of genetic predisposition to course of the disease with different people. I'm actually surprised this hasn't been researched and understood better yet.
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    Deer decoy advice needed

    I’ve set up a buck decoy in fields several times. So far only had young bucks come to check them out. left an archery buck decoy in a field in AL last year during the rut ( bout now) the next day it was knocked over and laying 30yrds away next to a trail leaving the field. One leg was missing...
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    Anyone going on an AL guided hunt the next few weeks?

    I’m fortunate enough to be on a lease in Clarke Co. AL....hunt there every year from Jan 15-end of season. Rut is hot there right now...
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    Anybody got some extra worm medicine laying around

    It’s a drug. Whether used on animals or humans, it’s a drug. Normally, it’s used to fight parasitic infections. it’s used for parasites in humans and animals throughout the world. apperently, it’s thought by some to have some benefit in covid infections. I don’t know if it does or not, but...
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    Battery maintainer

    Thanks for the information....ordered an onboard battery charger from West Marine... I appreciate the advice and education.
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    Battery maintainer

    I'm not sure I know what an "onboard" charger is. The batteries charge off the engine when running. I was told it had 2 batteries so if I was a dumbass and ran one down while parked (radio etc) I could switch to the other and have juice. It's a pontoon boat I bought used. It looks like the...
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    Battery maintainer

    My new boat has 2 batteries that can be switched in case one is dead. I've got power at ny dock. Can I plug in one battery maintainer (tender) and wire accross to the second battery and keep both boosted or should I set up two tenders?
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    WTB: Old straight tube scope.

    I got an old weaver 4x I’d consider parting with...
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    Chicks with guns

    I can see why Germany regretted invading russia
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    Blessed beyond belief! GIANT iowa buck

    Congrats...I make note of the time you saw him....It seems all the really big deer I see are right at last shooting light or just after where I can see them but not ethically shoot....