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    Prayers needed please ..

    Prayers sent
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    Best Easter ever! Became a grandfather Friday night!

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    Prayers for my family please!

    Prayers sent
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    friend called

    Prayers sent
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    Advice from others who have had to face this….

    Just lost a son and your faith will get you through this. I also believe prayers help, with that being said prayers sent.
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    Round two. Would appreciate a little prayer please

    Prayers sent
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    Happy Birthday
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    Need some serious prayers for tx300mag

    Prayers sent
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    Our son went home last night.

    Our family appreciates your prayers and words of comfort.
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    Our son went home last night.

    No more pain or suffering, he went peacefully in his sleep a little after midnight. His mom and I had about an hour half visit with him Wednesday evening he was alert and sharp as a tack. So glad we had that little time with him. We are not supposed to outlast our children but it happens.
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    Kicking and.fighting back.

    Prayers sent for you and your wife.
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    Prayers for co-worker

    Prayers sent
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    Well, this just cracks me up!

    Go to an auto upholstery shop and they can wrap it in leather. Not cheep but will look good and last.
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    Wen march 9th 9th

    Prayers sent
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    One of my oldest friends passed away at 45 years old.

    Sorry to hear this prayers for you and your friends family.