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    Top-quality hunting clothing

    I can’t afford that extremely expensive stuff. Although I have no doubt it is much better quality. Probably lighter and warmer. But I will take donations gladly. Extra large top and a 40 waist thanks. just joking or wait a minute am I. Lol
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    Strange Tree Growth

    I don’t know but I’ve seen one somewhere in the woods myself.
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    What is going on at catoosa this time of year. ?
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    First deer pictures

    I gotta find my pic I got it somewhere. But really miss those days. You know the camping with family and friends. Telling jokes around the fire while cooking dinner. Picking on one another it was laughs after laughs. Yelling out stories of the days hunt. Getting pumped up about the next morning...
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    Morbidly embarrassed

    That’s a a good one lol. I remember years ago me and a buddy was in the convenient store. We got our stuff was waiting in line. We were talking to each other. And I stepped out of line to get something else I forgot. And ended up a couple people behind him. He didn’t know it and he turned around...
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    The filthy rich control everything. And they will stay rich. Cause they control everything.
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    410 slug

    If a 410 is a must. I would try to get a rifled barrel and shoot sabot rounds. I’m not positive they make one for a 410 I haven’t looked. But most likely they do. I bought one for 12 gauge. And shoot 375 grain Remington Accutip. That might’ve an option for the 410 if you are gonna get one.
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    Seen a young buck chasing a very small doe this morning. Over in East Tn.
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    I’ve started to concentrate more on woodcock. But am also looking for grouse. Definitely more woodcock than grouse. Still not gonna trip over woodcock either.
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    My wife/gf

    Complains how dirty the house is. And says I just cleaned all day now look. And I swear it looks as clean to me as it can possibly be. I’ll never understand it.
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    Need Some Additional Prayers

    Prayers sent. he will get fixed I have faith.
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    What’s Your Talent

    I can take a pee and fart at the same time without missing a beat. Took years a practice. Settle down everyone I do not need a trophy.
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    People keep saying the shortage is due to new gun owners buying a Gun for defense. But they can’t be buying a 30/30 or 30/06 or 270 for defense I would think it highly unlikely. No rifle ammo I would understand hand gun ammo. So people have to be hoarding the crap out of it for the old price...
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    Shop is done

    Looks awesome good job
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    Probably gonna get raked over the coals

    I was told by an area wma manager that if you leave a stand in a public area it then becomes public property. And if you go to your stand location and somebody is in it you can’t do anything or you will be a fault for any confrontation that occurs. And that if one day it isn’t there when you...