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    My Old Man

    Great read...thanks for sharing....hope your Dad kills many more deer!
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    Prayers Please...

    Prayers sent.
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    What to plant edge of field

    We will continue our current food plot program but with seed, fertilizer and fuel cost we have considered doing exactly what your recommending in multiple locations... creating natural early successional growth...bush hog couple times, chop everything up good, then lightly disk...allow the...
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    Gotta take my dog to the vet

    Our 9 year old lab-hound mix has several fatty tumors that we've had checked...Vet test shows they are not far they are not causing her any issues....she's as spoiled as ever...Hope everything goes well with the surgery...glad you have a plan.
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    Back pack

    I have a Badlands day pack. Very pleased with how it's built. Heavy duty and durable. For all day sits I do wish I had more room than the smaller day pack I do plan to get a larger pack in the future.
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    Finally killed one in true hunting fashion.

    Good deal! Making memories! Congratulations!
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    Oklahoma 2022 Update & Pics

    Sounds like a great hunt! Thanks for sharing the details of your trip.
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    Do you make your bed everyday?

    I'm up early but my wife makes it almost every day....and she places the dozen or so pillows in perfect order. :)
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    Got my first deer, thanks to y'all

    That's Great! Big Congratulations on your first!
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    Growing Mature Bucks

    Boll Weevil....appreciate the comments....always encouraging and motivating to hear of others successes and results....such an interesting topic.
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    Growing Mature Bucks

    The topic of epigenetic response or epigenetic triggers is fascinating to me. Just yesterday I listened to a MSU Deer University podcast that compared South Texas and the South East and several topics we're discussed but genetics in general were discussed as well as epigenetics.....They echo...
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    Could use a prayer

    Prayers sent that everything goes smooth tomorrow.
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    President's island

    Thanks Oked...appreciate the daily updates and observations!....sounds like you had a great hunt.....and good luck on your next hunt in January!
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    Getting right

    Nice!! Good Luck!!
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    If I was running video, I might know the winner

    Wow!! Good stuff....Thanks for sharing!!