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    Could use a prayer please .

    Sending them his way
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    Father passed this morning......

    Sorry for your loss, prayers for you having to deal with it while dealing with Covid.
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    I don’t have my own dogs but a buddy has a group of beagles we run every weekend starting at close of deer. We run all my spots and usually do good. Question: what’s the best way to cook rabbit? What is everyone’s favorite? I haven’t found a way that I really care for more than one or so a...
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    Button buck question?

    Like redblood I’m blessed to have farms in Marshall and have plenty of opportunities. My son isn’t a normal 7 year old, who hunts a couple times a year. He lives the outdoors hunts every time I go. He has shot more than most any at his age with some being nice mature bucks. He rides tractor...
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    Cool Cat

    Awesome love the track on log behind him. Stealth at it best
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    Beautiful deer. Looks like this years fawn and possibly some little buttons on head. Hard to tell from that pic but hope it’s a buck and you have a future with it, would love to see it.
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    Button buck question?

    Very true either way makes very little overall difference. The original post wasn’t meant to get so complicated as there were only 2 options asked shoot button or not, but I will have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed every ones post and opinions. I thank everyone for spending time to read and...
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    Button buck question?

    I heard that before too. I tried it on one, it was a easily distinguishable button buck but he still disappeared early summer anyways. Won’t ever know for sure why and one example isn’t enough to form an opinion on but sure wished he would have stuck around. He was piebald.
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    Button buck question?

    Agreed. Although sometimes my efforts seem to influence my neighbors success more than mine. Lol If everyone took the idea nothing they could do would positively effect the bigger picture then what’s the point. I just enjoy what I do on the land. I grew up on a farm knowing if you don’t plant...
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    Button buck question?

    Agreed that thousands of acres are needed to manage a herd. That’s is why I was even considering the button buck. I’m not too worried about someone five miles away having one less buck if he does range shift the average distance. That’s why I was looking at the 2 options and deciding the one...
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    Button buck question?

    He’s 7 but he’s shot several over the last couple years. He would be good either way.
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    Had a blast hunting pheasant in the snow

    Looks like a blast! Never been and never tasted pheasant. How does the taste compare to quail?
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    Button buck question?

    Very true prime habitat won’t stay vacant long. Might not be bad to mix a few new doe groups in anyways.
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    Button buck question?

    There’s probably plenty of does for him to shoot and not hurt a thing but it’s kinda hard to watch them go. My does stay on farm year round and are pretty tame from being used to us working on it during off season. They are my mature bucks worst nightmare come the rut. Them old girls don’t mind...
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    Button buck question?

    I agree it’s all about the kids. My love for hunting turned more to the management part and watching him hunt. He is only seven but loves it and has plenty of opportunities to shoot. Being only seven he has surprised me and shows nearly as much interest in management and improving his future...