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  1. Andy S.

    Sad day

    So sorry for your loss, sending prayers up for you and your family.
  2. Andy S.


    The reason Energizer AA lithiums show 100%, then voila they’re dead is because they are hot right out of the package, literally 1.7-1.8 volts instead of the 1.5 volts they’re advertised at. Once a lithium AA measures 1.4 - 1.5 volts, it’s on the verge of dying, yet the trail camera battery meter...
  3. Andy S.

    Need helps on a kids scope

    Following. I'm in the same boat with my 7 y/o daughter. I'm afraid it will be a while before she is proficient enough with a scope for me to allow her to shoot at game. Paper is one thing, but crippling animals for the sake of learning is not something I will endorse. Does anyone make a red dot...
  4. Andy S.

    Looking ahead, high capacity magazines.

    Same price I saw this morning.
  5. Andy S.

    Get out your $$$$

    Same here. It shoots better than me.
  6. Andy S.

    Ol Man multi vision climber

    If it is aluminum, I will take it. I can meet you and pickup.
  7. Andy S.


    I would not be surprised. I suspect most of those owners would tout "Capitalism at it's finest".
  8. Andy S.


    Same here on buying when I found sales/deals, but I play no part in the current situation and will not pay today's asking prices. I am not affected, due to years of planning and preparation, as well as reloading, but this "shortage" could very well be working against us in the big picture. There...
  9. Andy S.


    Same here. I am as prepared as I will be for the time being. It is what it is.
  10. Andy S.


    Or any other "lifetime" politician for that matter. ;)
  11. Andy S.


    I hear what you are saying, and I have scanned their "plan", but I have heard the SAME fear mongering since Clinton was in office. At my level, the basic consumer/hunter/outdoorsman, nothing has changed significantly that has prevented me from buying/owning what I want/need. That spans the last...
  12. Andy S.

    A stud 3 year old.

    Same here. Got a jawbone, or better yet, both? Or previous year's pics? Some of the shortest front legs I have ever seen on a 3 year old? Is this a TN buck?
  13. Andy S.


    Unfortunately for those who can keep a level head and realize this too shall pass, this is the problem. Whacked out consumer hoarding is the root of the problem. There are numerous articles written over the last month by those in the trade that describe how consumer demand is at an all time high...
  14. Andy S.

    Get out your $$$$

    Same here.
  15. Andy S.

    Get out your $$$$

    My thoughts exactly. Gun will need to come with a box of ammo, like the old school BB guns and box of BBs. :)