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    Gerber Grappler Multi-tool free to a good home(inspired by Tenntrapper)

    Thanks for doing this Bama. Very noble of you. Congratulations to the winner.
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    He is risen!!

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    My dog died today

    As someone who shares the same profession, my heart goes out to you sir. We hurt with our clients and feel for our patients but it has a different feeling when it’s our own. If I can ever be of help, in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for all that you do for our profession.
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    Indian Creek Choke Tube

    Agree 100%
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    mower blades

    Personally, I wasn’t a fan. Super dry grass in July was fine but this time of year it created more issues than it solved. YMMV
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    Hunting technique poll

    Same on both accounts
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    Ammo sales, moral delima?

    Online auction.
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    Wild ride

    I could be completely wrong but I would assume from this short video that he wasn’t avoiding the main line of chop and more likely trying to pass a few boaters.
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    Some .224 70 gr Accubond Range Results

    What twist barrel is that?
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    Per the buy local conversation.....

    It’s across town from you but I take mine to Farrer brothers on broad st and have always been pleased
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    Rare Childhood Photo of Ruger Discovered on the Internet

    Impossible, that kid has sleeves on his shirt
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    H4350 and H4831sc

    I’m cleaning out some stuff on the reloading bench and have a little extra that someone may need. H4350: one pound bottle unopened and one pound bottle that the seal is open but I’m 99.9% sure it is untapped. So let’s say 2#’s H4831sc: one pound unopened Let’s say $110 cash ($35/# and $5 for...
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    Shotgun Hulls help

    My order just delivered spoon. If you need some, please let me know. I got a bag (100) of the 3” cheddite primed hulls and can easily spare a few
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    Brass and bullet trade thread

    I have 2 pounds of H4350 and 1 pound H4831sc that I can part with. I’d absolutely love to find some retumbo and work out a deal. I’m in Murfreesboro and I’d like this to be a face to face transaction. I will sell but will hold out for a while to see if someone has some extra retumbo. If I do...