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Was in Walmart on Chapman Hwy, S. Knoxville and they had 6 or so on the shelf this afternoon. On the back wall of sporting goods straight down the aisle from the gun counter
Hey i got your name from Mark. You bought a .243 from him a yr or so ago. would you have any interest in selling? Feel free to call or text at 901-237-5733. Thanks, Jesse
Interested in your BP pistols. Do you have any pictures of the bluing loss on the .36? If easier, can send to [email protected]
Thanks and I will take some better pictures and send directly to you. Thanks, Joel
Just sent several pictures to you. Thx.
Did you get the pictures? Thx.
So good to see in here again! Actually, I only came back because I was so bored earlier this summer.
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I’m glad you’re back. It wasn’t the same without you.
Hey saw your post about the swap for a Contender 45/410 barrel. I have a 12" Encore barrel with vent rib if interested. Bill
Waterman, you heard anything about the dove hunt in Crossville this year? I texted Brandon yesterday but haven't heard back from him. Let me know if yall are going.
I got the CVA Hunter conversion from you back about a year and half ago, I think. When my phone died, I lost your number.
Hey buddy seeing where your property is located and how much you might be asking for it.I appreciate it.
We haven’t got that far in the process yet. But thanks for the interest.
Ok thank you
I would be interested if you decide to.I just now seen it was in Union County.Thank you
Hello, I'm interested in the shotgun. PM me if it's still available. Thanks.
Sorry. Verizon was down all day Friday.. my cell phone is 865-755-6004 Mitch
Thanks for responding! I know Larry Porter. Don't know whether he remembers me or not, He's from Greenfield area. Thanks for info, but I have a very good friend in Greenfield who lets me hunt on his land. My sister and i also have a small farm in Gibson county. Again, Thanks and good luck this year hunting. Ray
Where about is this stand located? I’m around monteagle/Chattanooga area Marion county.
It’s in Trenton, west TN. I can get it to middle TN easily if you’re ever over that way
Hey, I just ran across your post from last year about some nwtn land. Do you know if your uncle has anything available this year?
Looks like he'll top out at a 100 inch 8 pt! 😆

Seriously, nice pic. I've never seen one, but seen enough pics to know many of them make it to adulthood.

And I have a feeling momma is around.
Did you find a place to trap shoot ?
I could do it at my parent's place, I'd just have to get a thrower and some clays. I thought about going to the Nashville Gun Club and doing a lesson, I've heard good things about them.
In about two weeks call me and maybe we could get together on trap/skeet shooting. I am a member of a a club that does this. Call me 6 15 eight 1 two 1426 . In face call me now if you would like

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