why am I still awake


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Nov 10, 2010
Franklin TN
I was already behind on sleep before last night. Then I slept for barely 3 hrs before waking up at 3 am and going turkey hunting. I have been wide awake all day except for the 15 minute nap I took at 4pm before work. Wide awake at work even when business was slow. Still awake now but feel tired. Like I could stay awake as long as I want but at the same time if I lie down I will crash. I just hope I don't crash too early tomorrow because I'm fixin to get another 3 hours of sleep now. Gotta be in the woods chasing turkeys on my day off! Maybe killing a bird this morning got me all hyped up and kept me awake all day. Just hope that I am able to roll out of bed once again at 3.30 in the morning. I don't usually do very well with such a lack of sleep. OK well good night yall. anyone who is hunting tomorrow, good luck and I hope you kill a nice one. And happy easter