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Jun 10, 2000
Western Ky.
with gun control if the democrats take back control of the House and keep the Senate in 2014 election??

We have all seen what happened with Obama's first two years when he had a democrat super majority and they passed ObamaCare without ever reading it or ever showing it to the American people before they passed it. They also passed the $800 BILLION stimulus without ever a thought and then passed another smaller one.

We are on the 5th year with Obama and we all KNOW what he wants to do and will try to do so save the BS because ever Obama has come out in the open telling the world what he wants.

A lot of people are going around thinking nothing will be done with gun control because they are worried about the 2014 election. While that is true it will be a totally different story if the republicans lose the House. There will be nothing to stop him, nothing.

Sure some will go back to the Supreme Court but ever Justice Scalia has been talking lately that some could get though.

No the fight is not over, it's just started. The first few battles are being fought now with more to come.

Crappie Luck

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Jan 29, 2003
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If we stand any chance at all as a country, conservatives or a free people, we have to not only retain the House and take the Senate, but we have to get rid of these Rinos and Soft branded "conservatives" that run the GOP.

We need outspoken conservatives that can market a message. What good is representation if they can't articulate the message?

The democrats sell socialism and the people buy it. There is no alternative on the shelves. We NEED to create competition in the marketplace of ideas. Packaging liberty to look more like the Democrat's idea of National Socialism is not a good strategy and that is what the GOP has been trying to do with this "Big tent" rebranding and amnesty and pro-gay marriage evolution.

Go big or go home :)

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